News 2013

December 2013:

Ensymm team expands by two new members to get higher support for business plan preparation circle.

Ensymm signed cooperation office agreement with Myanmar/Cameroon/Spain for local representation and project support.

November 2013:

Ensymm starts the pilot test for using chitosan solution as anti fungal agent for organic fruit farms in Spain.

October 2013:

Ensymm starts with lactase bulk powder distribution to Italy on regular base.

September 2013:

Ensymm starts distribution of micro-filtered lactase drop suitable for children to Eastern Europe.

July 2013:

Ensymm signs cooperation office contract with Ukraine, Serbia, and Kazakhstan.

June 2013:

Ensymm signs cooperation office contract in Kazakhstan.

Ensymm project team starts due diligence for a medical disposable project with SIDF for loan application on behalf of KSA Investor.

Ensymm signs a business plan preparation contract with Al Qamra Group.

Ensymm establishes a strategically advisory cooperation for SME development with Enterprise Qatar.

Ensymm does due diligence for a pharma project in Sudan with a KSA Islamic and African bank.

May 2013:

Ensymm launches with Disolut a low cost s. boulardii capsule product in EU.

Ensymm and its network partner HEBA and a European engineering company prepare a full WHO GMP inspection with related GAP analyses for a governmental IV solution plant in Yemen to evaluate the upgrade possibility to receive WHO GMP. Ensymm and HEBA also arrange the financing and off take contract for the company.

April 2013:

Ensymm supports a young economist student for his MBA degree by providing technical and feasibility assistance for a business plan contest in Paris/France.

Commercial purchase of blood bags by a Myanmar client started.

March 2013:

Ensymm established an electrical light distributer company for construction business in Duesseldorf/Germany upon the order of an UAE investor. Ensymm delivered all registration and administrative network, legal and financial arrangements, business plan and EU supplier network up to complete online presentation services.

February 2013:

Ensymm delivers full process and technology pool to Canadian investor to setup a middle size medical grade chitosan/ animal feed protein extraction plant. The marketing report as well as the business plan supervising for financing procedure up to coordination of the whole setup up to production will be done by ensymm.