News 2019

December 2019

Ensymm installs a turnkey organic fertilizer and biopesticide small scale and multipurpose plant in Paramaribo/Suriname where Dr. Dehdari is Technical Advisor on Board of Directors.

November 2019

Ensymm delivers a simulative pre-engineering report and technical advisory for a chitosan production project processing various raw materials to a German pharma company for further evaluation.

Ensymm meets an US technical team for pre-engineering workshop to take next step for a lobster based chitosan plant in the USA.

October 2019

Ensymm exhibits at the Biofertilizer congress and exhibition in Cape Town/South Africa to present its low budget, small scale and multi-purpose organic fertilizer/biopesticide turnkey project for SME organic farmers in Africa. Dr. Dehdari also presents the technical and commercial/market concept as key speaker in the congress program.

September 2019

Flyingbambu UG is founded as Ensymm spin-off with a German investor from dental business sector. It is the developer and producer of the wet&clean 100% oil based plastic free bamboo toothbrush.

Ensymm delivers a European BioMarine company the second chitosan optimization pilot scale report with process optimization parameters based on specific QA/QC requirement and extended analytic demand for super high grade chitosan.

August 2019

Ensymm advisory and supplier team hold a meeting and auditing for a Qatari investor for organic shrimp farm project to present the project concept and operating farm references for their inspection.

June 2019

Ensymm meets Investors in Doha/Qatar for launching natural hygienic products made of chitosan and sustainable plastic free material for dental and skin care.

Ensymm meets a key investor for shrimp and tiger prawn organic farming in Doha/Qatar.

May 2019

Ensymm participates the Biotech workshop of Ernst&Young in Duesseldorf/Germany

Ensymm meets one of the European chitosan key producer in Duesseldorf for evaluation of further cooperation.

April 2019

Ensymm participates the Bluemarine workshop in Monaco for sustainable business economy.

Ensymm establishes the platform with a member of Qatar royal family for expanding state-of-the-art life science business and projects also for a more sustainable direction in Qatar.

Ensymm signs a contract for delivering a turnkey processing line for organic fertilizer and biopesticide based on shrimp shell/Chitosan in a small scale multi-purpose plant to Suriname.

January 2019

Ensymm manages a chitosan pilot scale processing trial for a European bio-marine company to process lobster shell to super high grade chitosan.

Ensymm principal advisor Dr. Dehdari holds a key meeting in BA/Argentina between an Argentinian seafood company which ordered ensymm 2018 to run a pilot for chitosan processing and byproducts out of shrimp shell waste and a german pharma company for evaluating possible strategical partnership and cooperation in this field.