News 2013

Ensymm offers invert sugar finish product from contract manufacturer in India produced with ensymm process and invertase enzyme supplied from Germany.

Ensymm and Disolut launched successfully S. boulardii anti diarrhea capsule in the EU market.

Ensymm cooperates for SME projects with EQ government agency.

Ensymm reaches BANKABLAE status for prepared business plans by several banks and government funds in GCC and Africa.

Ensymm launches modern fish breeding technology for worldwide technology transfer.

Ensymm executed GMP inspection and Gap analyse for GMP Upgrade of existing pharma plants.

Ensymm offers drying technology for organic animal waste like fish/shrimp and poultry waste processed to protein/feed powder.

Ensymm developed lactase drop technology without preservative additive using microfiltration technology specially suitable for babies and children.

Ensymm starts launching coaching and advisory program for SME and Startups entrepreneurs for the first 6 months of project incubation and supporting by Business plan preparation.

Ensymm offers the blood bag production processing with RFID technology.

Ensymm builds a supplier network and a pilot project for using chitosan solution as anti fungal agent for organic fruit farms.