News 2008

November 2008:
ensymm gets the order of a project study for a Mexican agricultural company to evaluate the potential of different agriculture products for production of high value products.

ensymm finishes the lab scale tests for Biogas/New Zealand.

ensymm finishes the optimization inspection of a spray dryer system.

ensymm distributes Invertase for an invert sugar production line to Iran.

ensymm equips SAMEN Pharmaceutical with the new laboratory.


October 2008:
ensymm signs a distribution contract with a major Chinese company for supplying with lactase for dairy process.


September 2008:
ensymm and BBLAB sign a contract to process development of Bio-ethanol from Sweet sorghum with a South African company.

ensymm sings an MOU with a South African company for registration and distribution evaluation for different pharmaceutical/medical and supplements products to South Africa.

ensymm gets the consultancy project to supply/distribution of contact lenses to an Iranian eye-clinic


August 2008:
ensymm signs a distribution contract with DISOLUT/Holland to supply lactase capsule and drops.


June 2008:
ensymm gets the order to arrange a UF-Resin line for an Iranian chemical company.


March/April/May 2008:
ensymm presents its energy network to a Kuwaitis company for technology transfer in Kuwait city.

ensymm and SPCL present their energy team to an Indian company for solar grade silicon technology in New Delhi.

ensymm gets the order for a feasibility report for process technology of SG-SI to an Iranian investment group.

ensymm gets the order to finish a project study for POM production line from an Iranian chemical company.


February 2008:
ensymm launches new pharmaceutical products, Glucosamine, to Iranian market through Kian Pharmed.

January 2008:
ensymm signs a project consulting contract with a SAMED chemical company for optimization of the spray dryer system.