News 2008

In cooperation with its Indian supplier, ensymm delivers key enzymes like xylanase for a paper processing project in Germany.

ensymm enters the project field for establishing alternative energy projects specially Bio-ethanol and bulk solar grade silicon.

ensymm advices for project planning metal grade silicon plant.

ensymm advices for a turnkey UF-resin project, spray dryer unit and POM technology for chemical industry.

ensymm develops and distributes new products like

  • Glucosamine effervescence tab
  • Chitosan dietary effervescence tab
  • Lactase capsule and drops
  • Lactase bulk for lactose free dairy product
  • Invertase for enzymatic invert sugar production

ensymm prepares a multi-project study for a Mexican agriculture company to evaluate the potential of using agricultural waste to produce.

  • Bio-ethanol from sweet sorghum
  • Pectin from apple waste
  • Dairy farm
  • Extraction of specific herbal plants for pharmaceutical application

ensymm enters South African market with two projects for Bio-ethanol from sweet sorghum and diverse pharmaceutical/food additive products.