News 2012

December 2012:

Ensymm is demanded for a BP preparation and further consulting in order to establish a medical startup company in Germany.


Ensymm delivers a full set of 20 kW solar panel systems to MENA – turnkey “made in Germany”.


Ensymm delivers xylanase on regular basis from India to Germany for paper and feed industry.


November 2012:

Ensymm submits a blood bag plant BP to a KSA investor along with further support for the financing procedure, such as off-take agreement arrangements.


Ensymm submits a GAP analysis and a related comprehensive report for a biopolymer project to a GCC bio marine company. Based on ensymm marketing report findings, at site inspections and at site coordination, ensymm provides advice for a plant upgrade to reach a higher product standard.


Ensymm and Disolut start exploring the production of medical yeast capsules for EU for diarrhea diseases.


October 2012:

Ensymm arranges an off-take agreement contract successfully in order to support the client along with the preparation of a BP for bank application.


Ensymm delivers, on long term contract based, lactase bulk powder for drop production in Pakistan.


Ensymm delivers IV warmer to a regular client.


September 2012:

Ensymm prepares a project study for a mobile IV solution plant for Solomon Islands.


August 2012:

Ensymm prepares a project study to explore the industrial potential of seaweed and macro algae production.


July 2012:

Ensymm prepares a fully bankable BP for establishing a multi generic pharmaceutical factory in Africa.


June 2012:

Ensymm prepares an IV production BP for a member of the royal family Al-Thani in Qatar.


Ensymm prepares a bankable BP for a KSA investment group for IV solution and blood tube production as a package.


Ensymm transfers the process and technology for invert sugar processing to 3 Indian companies along with regular purchase of related invertase enzyme.


May 2012:

Ensymm prepares a BP for date syrup plant in MENA.


April 2012:

Ensymm delivers on regular base, drops and capsules for lactase intolerant consumers to a South African pharma-company.


March 2012:

Ensymm prepares a BP for an IV solution plant in KSA.


Ensymm prepares an Aloe Vera project study for an Iranian company and signs a consulting contract for establishing an Aloe Vera drink line along with European product license.


February 2012:

Ensymm prepares a Business Plan (BP) for an IV solution plant in Libya.


Ensymm delivers liquid lactase to Italy.


January 2012:

Ensymm signs a process transfer contract for lactase drop production and related enzyme supply in the UK.


Ensymm receives order for a chitosan production project study preparation in Africa.