News 2011

December 2011:

Ensymm provides project consulting for contact lens registration in Iran.


Ensymm arranges yeast strain development for a vaccine up on the order of a Malaysian client.


Ensymm now offers the extraction technology of Astaxanthin for salmon feeding applications.


Ensymm wins client for IV fluid-warmer in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


November 2011:

Ensymm client starts production of lactase drops and tablets in Paraguay based on long-term agreement.


Ensymm provides technical and marketing support for lactase finish product production in Peru based on long-term agreement.


Ensymm enters the Georgian IV-Fluid Warmer market by delivering 11 high standard reference units to local hospitals.


October 2011:

Ensymm got another order for the preparation of an Aloe Project Study considering production of Aloe Finish Product in Iran.


Ensymm pre evaluates Aloe Vera Processing Project by the preparation of a Project Study for Thailand.


Ensymm wins 2 Indian clients for Invertase enzyme and provides further also process optimization.


September 2011:

Ensymm receives an order for the preparation of an Aloe Vera Project Study for Pakistan and parallel for Greece.


Ensymm has integrated a high standard Aloe Vera processing equipment filleting machine.


June 2011:

Ensymm prepares the complete business plan including project/market/feasibility study for an IV project in Botswana.


Ensymm signs a project consulting contract for IV production with a Turkish Medical Company.


Ensymm supplies bulk lactase product to a pharmaceutical company in Paraguay.


Ensymm is mandated to set up a turnkey algae production line in Canada, establishing a new company and registering a brand name for the product.


Ensymm prepares a study on glucose syrup for a Middle-Eastern starch manufacturer.


Ensymm joins a new strategical partnership as JV with Hanseatic Handel company in Hamburg/Germany for renewable energy supply and distribution.


Ensymm delivers powder lactase to a pharmaceutical company in Portugal for drop production.


May 2011:

ensymm prepares a project study for an aloe vera project for an Iranian client.


ensymm signs a contract for supply of a lactase finished product with a pharmaceutical company in South Africa.


ensymm extends the delivery term and increased the quantity of supply to Brazil for a special medical yeast.


ensymm is now able to offer date syrup production line technology.


ensymm youth soccer team “SW Düsseldorf” wins the youth soccer tournament.


April 2011:

ensymm delivers chitosan to an Italian company engaged in the leather industry.

March 2011:

ensymm prepares a chitosan project study on biopolymer application for a Middle-Eastern company.


ensymm is now offering micro brewery with small filling and pasteurization unit up to 1 Mio L/year.

February 2011:

ensymm moves to new and larger office facilities within the LSC.


ensymm receives the order for long term supply of xylanase applied in the paper industry in Germany by a German biotech company.