Projects 2015

ensymm company developed a modern and state of art coating and granulating process for producing of detergent enzymes like Amylase, Protease, Lipase and Cellulase for application in Laundry and detergent powder for the related Industry.

ensymm company expand the field of topics for preparing bankable Business Plan for industry in following project fields:

  • Land and sea based aquaculture farms with hatchery, farming, seafood processing and organic waste management for fish and lobster (cold/warm water)
  • Small capacity IV-solution production facility on WHO GMP standard for local/regional supply
  • Multi injectable production facility like pre-filled syringes on WHO and EU GMP
  • Coastal and Marine environmental monitoring and protection systems and services for any kind of industrial project on coastal or offshore facilities
  • Modern and state of art seafood distribution network system and management for supplying sensitive catering industry like hotels, airlines and supermarkets with semi finish, finish and convenience seafood products
  • Small size polyclinic and clinics construction for expanding the medical services to cover the gap between single doctor office and hospitals

ensymm company cooperate with a German company to develop chitosan based coating system for foil industry, an Italian detergent producer to use chitosan as detergent additives and a Bulgarian engineering company to use chitosan as protein absorbent for dairy wastewater management.