Projekte 2016

Ensymm developes detergents enzyme coating formulation with a German technology team to produce coated detergent enzyme granules with FBD technology.

Ensymm offers modern hydroponic farm technology for installing vertical farms specially in agriculture poor regions.

Ensymm build an Scandinavian technology team to offer modern full automatic vertical cold water lobster farm for commercial lobster farming.

Ensymm build a supplier team with aquarium coral and ornamental fish experts from Germany and RAS aquaculture supplier from China  to offer modern decorative coral and ornamental fish farming.

Ensymm team led by our Senior Consultant offers marketing GAP closing training and building efficient market and distribution concept for producer with lack of healthy sales up to arranging strategical distribution and markting alliances.

Ensymm company optimizes the enzymatic invert sugar (fructose / glucose syrup)  processing and equipment on turnkey base for commercial feasible small scale production lines to supply local industrial consumers.