News 2016


Ensymm and its aquaculture supplier team service Qatari client to participate in hatchery and fish farm tender of the Qatari government

Ensymm project consultancy accomplished the establishing of a modern seafood distribution company in Qatar calling IcefreshQ in joint venture with German seafood processing company Icefresh GmbH for a Qatari client

Ensymm manages supply and distribution for high grade chitosan from European producer to an Iranian distributer for pilot tests on field of agriculture, animal health and medical disposable projects


Ensymm prepares an aquarium coral and ornamental fish breeding farm pre feasibility study for QDB bank in Qatar

Ensymm coordinates and advises Iranian biotech company and leading European/Indian engineering company for engineering/design supervising contract


Ensymm is mandated by a Qatari client to screen, advise and arrange for a shareholding investment in an European drug delivery tech company

Ensymm starts bulk lactase supply to Uruguay


Ensymm transfers enzymatic invert sugar technology to a Iranian client for setup of a small scale invert sugar production line

Ensymm is ordered to deliver a process for producing medical grade hydroxy apatite powder made from fish bones for an Iranian client (seafood industry)


Ensymm company is the exclusive process consultant to set up a technical grade chitosan processing pilot plant in Iran with an extension to commercial scale


Ensymm accomplishes detergent enzyme granulation based on FBD technology


Ensymm submits the bankable business plan to setup a modern small size IV bag processing plant ordered by Solomon Island Government using a Worldbank financing due diligence