News 2015


Ensymm sign a service contract with government of Solomon Island for preparing a bankable business plan to setup a medical disposable production facility financed through World Bank

Ensymm awarded to prepare an aquaculture farm bankable business plan for QDB as service provider

Ensymm present its chitosan processing technology to a Bulgarien engineering company to use it as waste water absorbent in dairy industry or as additive in paper industry

Dr. Dehdari hold a workshop at Latvia University in Riga with the topic ” Intercultural communication in project consulting” as guest lecturer


Ensymm supply lactase bulk powder and drops to 5 new countries in Europe, Asia and South America

Ensymm distribute chitosan powder to Germany , Italy and Bulgaria

Ensymm distribute Invertase to India


Ensymm engineering team audit pharma equipment distributer to prepare a GMP Conformity report for a pharma investor group in MENA


Ensymm prepare a strategical report for seafood distribution supply chain infrastructure and management for a Qatari investor group

Ensymm expert team audit supermarket, airline cargo service and catering services for seafood distribution in Doha/ Qatar

Ensymm audit different pharma equipment producer for injectable processing for a pharma investor in MENA


Ensymm audit a fish processing line and land base hatchery with a Qatari client in Germany

Dr. Dehdari hold a presentation in AGRO Congress with the topic sugar beet processing to producing pectin and invert sugar for food and pharma industry in Slovenia


QDB and Qatari client approve  feasibility study with topic ” fish breeding and distribution” prepared by ensymm after due-diligence revisions

QDB and Qatari client approve bankable business plan with topic “marine environmental monitoring and protection services” prepared by ensymm after due-diligence revisions


Ensymm audit the sea coast of Doha related to marine  environmental monitoring project

Ensymm deliver a full market study for injectable supply/demand in GCC and MENA to a Equity holding in Bahrain


Ensymm team visit seafoodexpo in Brussel/ Belgium

Ensymm team visit Ocean business exhibition in Southampton/ UK

Dr. Dehdari hold a workshop with the topic  ” Quality management in Life Science” as guest lecturer in business school Dusseldorf


Ensymm team audit and inspect a fish hatchery and seabased fish farm in Scotland/ UK and fish processing factory in Germany with a client from KSA

Ensymm prepare a bankable business plan for a German startup with the topic ” car filter market analysis in MENA”


Ensymm participates at Arab Health and holds meeting sessions in Four points of Sheraton/Dubai with current and potential clients for project development in GCC/MENA