News 2014

Ensymm and Marine Institute/Canada developed an environmental friendly pilot test based on chemo-enzymatic process to produce high pure chitosan. The chitosan plant is now in engineering design step. Start of production will estimated for mid-2016.

Ensymm network is offering herbal extraction kickoff process supporting to well-known engineering teams for developing and design of new extraction processes.

Ensymm network is offering now high pure bulk chitosan for R&D and medical/biotech application. Also ensymm offer now chitosan bandage and plaster for surgical and battle field application.

Ensymm is approved by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) to provide consultancy and Business plan service to SME and Startups in State of Qatar directly to the bank due-diligence department of QDB as advanced service provider.

Ensymm build a network to supply turnkey fish breeding farms on-shore and off-shore (land based and sea based) with European supplier for breeding technology and farm equipment/management. The related fish processing for production of several of bulk, semi-finish, finish and supermarket ready package fish products in integrated division. Also a modern state of art full automatic fish waste collecting and powderisaton system is part f this processing line. 6 European supplier build a supplier team with ensymm for this project.

Ensymm integrate a well-known German fish processing and distribution company in its network for possible licensing and distribution cooperation worldwide with pot. Fish distributing projects special in GCC.

Ensymm Managing Director, Dr. Pedram Dehdari, start launching guest lecture program in “inter cultural business communication” and “Quality management in pharma sector” for 2014/15 semesters in cooperation with different EU business schools.