News 2017


Ensymm accomplished the pilot Lab/pilot phase for chitosan chemo-enzymatic processing for a US client from lobster shells

Ensymm delivers a blood/IV warmer set to a hospital in Bangladesh

Ensymm advisory team get the order from Qatari client to service/manage the high tech sector based investments pool


Ensymm advisory team coordinates and manages for a Qatari investor group to plan a multipurpose paper packaging production facility with Chinese supplier network to service Qatari local demand on paper based packaging material

Ensymm hatchery aquaculture team submits the full tender docs for the fish and shrimp hatchery tender to the Qatari client

Ensymm Indian partner Dr. Kurade holds a key presentation about Indian food market and development with participation of Dr. Dehdari in FI Europe congress in Frankfurt

Ensymm meets and signs an agreement with a Chinese RAS key supplier to provide Ensymm related aquaculture projects

Ensymm gets the order from UK client to monitor stability and microbial tests over 2 years for new developed lactase drops


Ensymm delivers a full R&D test protocol for developing lactase drops based on new solvent formula to UK client

Ensymm process team gets the order from a German leading producer for food supplement to manage and arrange a GMP conform drying facility for contract manufacturing


Ensymm parenteral processing supplier team visits a Qatari investor to plan and setup a multi parenteral facility in Qatar

Ensymm gets the order from a Qatari investor to prepare a bankable pre-feasibility study to setup a float glass production facility to serve construction business field in Qatar

Dr. Dehdari was a key speaker in Biotech congress LEOPOLDA in Florence/Italy with the topic “Opportunity of Italian Biotech SME to Attract International Investors”

Ensymm sponsors the ACHEMA linked technology magazine “Innovators”


Ensymm signs a technology transfer agreement for chitosan processing with an Iranian investor group


Ensymm advisory team arranges a meeting for investment opportunity in sea cucumber RAS facilities to serve far east high segment market with rare sea cucumber species with Qatari Investor group


Ensymm team submits to QDB a full techno-financial prefeasibility study to set up a RAS based breeding facility for supplying aquaria with ornamental fish and decorative corals


Under ensymm advisory supervision and coordination, a Qatari investor signs a JV agreement with the drug design technology startup Nanosilica devices (NSD ) in Calabria/Italy as first biotech investment from Qatar in an Italian biotech company

Ensymm done an auditing and inspection of an UK based pharmaceutical contract manufacturer ordered by a UK client for producing lactase drops


Ensymm gets the order from Qatari client related to royal family to build an aquaculture hatchery team and prepare a full tender document to participate for the governmental tender for operating a hatchery centre  for breeding of fish fingerling and shrimp larva in Qatar


Dr. Dehdari was a key speaker for a start-up pitch by CEDUC in Düsseldorf/Germany


Ensymm team attends to Arab Health Congress in Dubai/UAE and meets pharma supplier and GCC clients for project follow-ups and implementations