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News 2021

December first EU commercial order of wet&clean of FlyingBambu company (spinoff of ensymm) launched for distributing medical supply field   November Ensymm holds a one day seminar and workshop for ensymm client for pectin extraction processing strategy and business/industrial opportunities in Istanbul/Turkey October Ensymm delivers a bankable light techno-financial feasibility Study for chitosan extraction out […]

News 2020

December 2020 Ensymm delivers full dossier of technology transfer for setup of a turnkey production facility to produce organic fertilizers and biopesticide locally on small/medium scale and multipurpose way to its chitosan US client. Ensymm and Optiferm company develope the first microfiltered, preservative-free, non-glycerine and 0+ age lactase drop worldwide and start distribution in the […]

News 2019

December 2019 Ensymm installs a turnkey organic fertilizer and biopesticide small scale and multipurpose plant in Paramaribo/Suriname where Dr. Dehdari is Technical Advisor on Board of Directors. November 2019 Ensymm delivers a simulative pre-engineering report and technical advisory for a chitosan production project processing various raw materials to a German pharma company for further evaluation. Ensymm […]

News 2018

December 2018 Ensymm is ordered for a chitosan project advisory workshop for evaluation of own production supply of a German pharma company. Ensymm starts to supply and to transfer knowhow for lactase ready-mix to an Ukrainian pharma company to develop state-of-the-art lactase drop suitable for adults and children.   November 2018 Ensymm sets up a […]

Choose a Year » TOP NEWS Botswana Guardian reported about Dr. Dehdari’s visit to Botswana   . Dr. Dehdari becomes the Technical Advisor in the Board of Directors of Chi-Tech Int. Company.   . Dr. Dehdari was invited by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Minister of Agriculture of Suriname and held […]