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News 2008

November 2008: ensymm gets the order of a project study for a Mexican agricultural company to evaluate the potential of different agriculture products for production of high value products. ensymm finishes the lab scale tests for Biogas/New Zealand. ensymm finishes the optimization inspection of a spray dryer system. ensymm distributes Invertase for an invert sugar […]

News 2007

December 2007: ensymm gets the order for a project study for an Indian and Korean company for solar grade silicon process. October 2007: ensymm has joined Kian Pharmed pharmaceutical,Karat Noor Parsian and BioGas company as shareholder ensymm gets the mandate by an Iranian Company to prepare and provide a project report on production of watermelon […]

News 2006

November 2006: ensymm enters into co-operation with the South African company Blueprint Biotech Lab that becomes ensymm’s cooperation partner for the territories South Africa and surrounding countries. Supported by the Life-Science-Agency and Samen Co., Iran ensymm exhibits at Medica Fair in Duesseldorf. October 2006: ensymm gets the mandate for marketing of infusion and blood bag […]

News 2005

December 2005: Consulting mandate for Marine Biotechnology Projects in KSA. Key seminar hold by ensymm for technology transfer in the field of biotechnology at the Russian-German Meeting in Düsseldorf. November 2005: Supported by the Life-Science-Agency ensymm exhibits at Medica Fair in Duesseldorf. A new Brazilian company enters ensymm’s client group for regular purchase of special […]

News 2004

December 2004: ensymm extends it’s medical division with new diagnostics to provide physicians with quick mobile detection systems that can be utilized at any place. October 2004: ensymm assists a famous German milk processing company by it’s intention to obtain raw materials for a new product as well as by it’s initial application methods within […]