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News 2013

December 2013: Ensymm team expands by two new members to get higher support for business plan preparation circle. Ensymm signed cooperation office agreement with Myanmar/Cameroon/Spain for local representation and project support. November 2013: Ensymm starts the pilot test for using chitosan solution as anti fungal agent for organic fruit farms in Spain. October 2013: Ensymm […]

News 2012

December 2012: Ensymm is demanded for a BP preparation and further consulting in order to establish a medical startup company in Germany.   Ensymm delivers a full set of 20 kW solar panel systems to MENA – turnkey „made in Germany“.   Ensymm delivers xylanase on regular basis from India to Germany for paper and […]

News 2011

December 2011: Ensymm provides project consulting for contact lens registration in Iran.   Ensymm arranges yeast strain development for a vaccine up on the order of a Malaysian client.   Ensymm now offers the extraction technology of Astaxanthin for salmon feeding applications.   Ensymm wins client for IV fluid-warmer in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.   […]

News 2010

December 2010: ensymm receives an order from an Ecuadorian Company, specialized in Marine Food Technology, to prepare a project study.   ensymm receives an order from a Petro Service Company based in the Middke East to arrange and coordinate for a Joint Venture with a German Company with the purpose of building a strategic alliance […]

News 2009

December 2009: ensymm establishes a joint venture with the company Hanseatik Handel to expand its service for financing and trading.   Liquid lactase delivery to Chinese market on regular base. October 2009: ensymm prepares a project study for formalin. ensymm expands the UF resin supplying network to Vietnam and Chile. September 2009: ensymm expands the […]