News 2014

December 2014:

Ensymm start launching a „inter cultural business communication“ and „Quality management in pharma sector“ lecture session with different EU business schools.

Ensymm deliver the pre-engineering package based on chemo-enzymatic process for the medical grade chitosan project in NL/ Canada as kickoff package for the main contractor to initiate the detail engineering of the plant.

Enterprise Qatar where ensymm is contracted as project service provider is take over by Qatar Development Bank (QDB). Ensymm is now directly official service provider of QDB for preparing of bankable Business plan for Qatari investors and startups. Ensymm belongs now to the Bplan service provider department of QDB finance du..diligence department for life science sector.

November 2014:

Ensymm bankable Business plan made for Al Qamra holding received the approval for financing of the multi medical disposable factory for Al Qamra Holding by QDB and 3 related ministries (Industrial and energy, Environmental, Health). Ensymm supplier team now prepare the start of project.

Ensymm deliver to the biggest hospital in Bangladesh 10 IV and blood warmer for the CCU.

October 2014:

Ensymm prepared full bankable Business plan for modern fish breeding farm that include a full cycle of fish processing means hatchery, breeding, farming, processing to finish product and fish waste management system all from European supplier for 3 types of fish (Sea bream, Grouper, Yellow fin tuna).

Ensymm prepared a pre-basic business plan for European Union wheylayer II project for evaluation of technical and financial feasibility under European Union commission program using whey as oxygen barrier component for environmental friendly production of multilayer barrier foil in EU.

Ensymm deliver Invertase to South Korea.

September 2014:

Ensymm signed an MOU with KPMG KSA to cooperate as co-writer for a medical factory Business plan preparation.

Ensymm start the second and final pilot test for chitosan post harvesting test as anti-fungal agent for mandarins in Spain.

Ensymm collaborate with a PhD thesis in Austria for supporting the input of project statistic about SMES.

August 2014:

Ensymm start distribution of bulk lactase to the biggest pharmaceutical company in Brazil.

June 2014:

Ensymm delivers high pure chitosan powder from its supplier in Europe to its Korean client using for a R&D project.

Ensymm is the responsible project consultant for coordination of a food supplement and medical device project for Pourateb Company.

Ensymm delivers a Finnish engineering company licorice acid/ licorice acid derivate extraction processing from licorice wood to support the client for designing the related extraction plant.

Ensymm received the second Business plan approval for a medical disposable factory from QDB in Qatar.

May 2014:

Ensymm published with its R&D and industrial partner in NL/ Canada a new innovative and environmental friendly chitosan processing pilot process to produce high pure chitosan powder for Medical/biotech/pharma application.

Ensymm delivers a GMP project report to its pharmaceutical client in Pakistan to support establishing a pharma factory for drop/capsule production in Pakistan under WHO-GMP standard.

Ensymm delivers a lab scale chitosan report to its Middle American shrimp farm client to evaluate the feasibility of chitosan production.

Ensymm is the official Business plan service provider of the governmental organization enterprise Qatar.

Ensymm pilot test using chitosan as post-harvest antifungal solution finished successfully and will be used commercially for next harvesting season of mandarin in Spain.

April 2014:

Ensymm delivered special chitosan bandage to the pharma client in Pakistan to start the marketing of this innovative product.

Ensymm starts to prepare an IV solution bankable Business plan for an investor group from Lebanon to support the financing and realization of the turnkey factory with EU-GMP standard designed by a European engineering team of ensymm.

March 2014:

Ensymm received an order of an investor group from Erbil/Iraq to prepare a project study for establishing an IV-solution factory on full automatic level with WHO-GMP standard designed by a European engineering team of ensymm.

Ensymm submits the business plan for a medical disposable factory prepared for a Holding company from Qatar to QDB and accomplished the due diligence and financing procedure according to the bank investment guideline.

January 2014:

Ensymm starts its operation in 2014 with two new project manager in its team.

Ensymm participates at Arab Health and holds meeting sessions in Four points of Sheraton/Dubai with current and potential clients for project development in GCC/MENA.